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More information about CrossFit®

CrossFit® is an ethos of physical conditionning of the cross-training type, mainly combining athletic strength, weightlifting, gymnastic and cardio.

Cross-fitters run, row, rope climb, jump, move objects, perform Olympic weightlifting movements along with bodyweight exercises, use weights, gymnastic rings, boxes, kettlebells, bags and any other type of object that you can lift.

Crossfit® focuses on the development of 10 athletic capabilities: cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, psychomotricité, balance and accuracy.

Usually CrossFit® is done during WODs (Work Out of the Day) which are hour long sessions where 10 athletes are coached by at least 1 coach. This coaching enables you to perform movements in a safe environment, to progress quickly and improve at every session.

Through CrossFit® you will also discover a great community and the people training alongside you will soon become your friends.

The video below done for French TV explains as well what is CrossFit® (in French...).

In order to fully understand CrossFit® book an appointment with a member of our team now!

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