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Measure for re-opening

  1. If you present any symptoms or have any doubts about your health please do not come to train so that you do not risk to contaminate the other athletes.

  2. We recommend you wear a face mask for your journeys to and from the box.

  3. Until further notice, sessions will last 40 minutes in order to create gaps between time slots and allow our athletes to arrive and leave the box without coming in contact with each others.

  4. Please be on time, do not arrive at the box more than 5 minutes early, and please leave the box quickly at the end of your session. Those measures, combined with the gaps will minimise contacts between the groups of athletes.

  5. When arriving at the box please wash your hands using the hand sanitising gels available for your usage. We also recommend you carry an individual hand sanitising gel.

  6. Changing rooms will not be open, please wear your training gear when you arrive. Toilets will obviously remain available, but not to be used as changing rooms.

  7. A training area within the training floor will be allocated to you by one of your coaches. Please remain in your allocated area, as defined by floor marking, from the start to the end of the sessions.

  8. We kindly ask you to wash the gear before and after every use with the cleaning products available.

  9. No physical contact will be allowed between the athletes.

  10. All dangerous behaviour will lead to a ban on future bookings.

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